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Manufacturing security detectors over 15 Years

Symank Technology specilize in producing domestic/industrial detectors,Over one decade’s development,We establish one whole production system for better quality,faster lead time and wider customization area.

All detectors,From PCBA~SMT~ASSEMBLE~TEST to final packaging are totally conducted in our own workshop.

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Quality assurance and new product developing are two main direction in our enterprise,We never stop offering best and most suitable solution to our distinguished customers.

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20 years factory professional OEM/ODM

SYMANK built a full technical after-sale&before-sale team in 2012,We are glad to deal with your OEM requirement like shell designing,Logo designing/printing,manual lanaguage customazation,etc.

Supported by experts

According to your region and requirement,Your project and inquiry item will be evaluated by our sales engineers before we give you official quote.

Cost & time savings

From product design to customization, from circuit board modification to wireless signal coding, we have a complete team to help you complete.

One-stop solution

You don't need to waste a lot of time on the B2B platform to find a suitable supplier, you don't need to send a million inquiries to get your satisfactory price and service, this is our advantage as a factory.

Quality assurance

We have a complete after-sales team to ensure that the products can get our support from sales to installation. Regarding import and export issues, if necessary, we can recommend suitable agents.

10% off your first order & new product alerts

In 2023, we are offering a 10% discount on all new customer first orders, including customization products.

Our Customization Capabilities

In addition to producing high-quality products for our customers, we also provide customers with a full range of customized needs.
Our customization business scope includes: LOGO design and silk screen printing, product packaging box design and printing, product manual language customization, product appearance design and mold development, and application for special product certification.

Trusted by 2000+ businesses worldwide

We value the cooperative relationship with our business partners, and maintain close contact with our customers through customer-satisfying after-sales services, daily customer relationship maintenance, offline business team visits to customers and participation in exhibitions.

Industry News & Corporate Trends

Carbon monoxide alarms are necessary devices in any home, especially if you have appliances that take advantage of that gas to function, such as a stove. Sometimes the CO Alarm

Carbon monoxide alarms are must-have devices in any household. The main purpose of them is to let you know when a carbon monoxide (CO) leak is happening in your property,

Does a carbon monoxide (CO) detector detect propane? The short answer is YES, although you can’t use a classic CO alarm to detect propane because the purpose of this device

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